krish. (hot_pynk_07) wrote,

Brett and i are so core (9hundred and ninty eight)

  • brett kisses girls core
  • kristie kisses whoever she wants core
  • touch ya toes core
  • burger king core
  • feel bad for fat birds core
  • cool core
  • hate getting kicked off the bed core
  • hate getting kicked off the floor on the bed core
  • mooseland core
  • great ideas core
  • beautifulbreasts core
  • riley core
  • initials core
  • went to the show at the church core
  • stood by each other core
  • l town core
  • agree i dont look like lindsey core
  • warped tour 2003 core
  • soon warped tour 2004 core
  • saturday show core
  • multiple screen names core
  • mutual freinds core
  • plain font core
  • two 2's and an e in s/n core
  • smot poking core
  • extremely hott core
  • slumber core
  • pink is pretty rockin core
  • at one point in time addicted to classic games core
  • peanut butter core
  • pb and fruit core
  • aim core
  • food core
  • at one point wore braces core
  • down with nofx core
  • ·.:° o core

man, we are such hardcore core'ers

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hell yeah we are hard core corer's


wtf is this? im confoosd. wut is coreing? AHHH. hey and nofx kiks ass so shut ur pie hole. please elaborate on this so called "coreing"